Friday, 14 September 2007

Buenos Aires at last

23 Mar 2007

I have arrived at last. An exciting journey with delay from Gatwick to Madrid (I knew I should have flown out direct with British Airways). Aerolineas Argentinas through their agents Air Comet allowed only one hour between flights so we were stranded in Madrid for 24 hours. But a great team spirit with 6 of us (Patricia, Lucy, Maria, Lura,  Geoffrey) supporting each other through the luggage-less stop over. It was like a war-time spirit and I was not Winston for a change. I held to my aim of letting go, and let someone else make the speeches.

But now in barrio San Nicholas and loving it. What an interesting and animated area. And the apartment in Tucuman is great, with a warm and reassuring introduction from Cecilia, my landlady. She is young and glamorous and not what a landlady should be like!

This is a short entry as I have been here for but a few hours. But just to reassure my readers that BsAs looks wonderful and looks like being great fun.

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