Tuesday, 4 March 2008

A year on

Pale sunshine through the open window of my tiny Smart car and the music of Astor Piazzolla's Cararra sends me drifting back to Buenos Aires. It is now a year since I started my first blog. On 19th March 2007 I prepared for departure and the prospect of breaking away from all that I had done and known. As you will have seen from the thirty odd posts from Buenos Aires, I certainly achieved that goal. But what about my other aspiration of changing my outlook, horizons and myself? How do things stand a year on?

Well I am dancing Argentine tango. This skill has so enriched my life, I would recommend it to everyone of any age, background or outlook whether you have danced or not. The important aspect of tango is 'the connection'. It is as a metaphor for life: connecting with those friends, connecting you with yourself and connecting to life itself. Tango involves opportunities, surprises, challenges, disappointments, delights and hopes. Now, if this sounds 'high flown', just try it and you will realise what I mean and what you have been missing. There is also the music. Otres Aires, Hugo Diaz, Piazzolla and Canaro have kept me sustained for the last six months.

Of course I am still fortified by the sense of independence that came from travelling alone for the first time to a place that lay beyond all expectations.