Friday, 14 September 2007

first blog entry

02 Feb 2007

This is my first blog entry, so bear with me! As you can see, I am on the departure path for my great adventure...Argentina for 6 months. I have obtained leave of absence from chambers, Stephanie is to house sit and is looking forward to long sunny summer days in England whilst I am enduring a Buenos Aires winter, I have bought my flight tickets, arranged my insurance and thought about packing a bag! And why? Well as those who have visited my YouTube vlog (stephentwist and tango stephen) will realise, to dance Tango.

Clearly, its not just that, as I can dance Tango in here. Its the prospect of breaking out from all that I have done and known, and finding new challenges, perhaps changing my outlook, horizons and myself. Now what do you think? Mad, irresponsible? Or exciting and adventurous? We will see. My next blog entry will be before I depart. See you then!

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