Monday, 6 November 2017

Return to San Telmo

Readers will recall that in December 2016, Stephanie and returned to Buenos Aires, staying for four months. This year sees yet another trip to escape a British winter - this time not to manage the tango hotel Casa Luna - but to live in our favourite bario, San Telmo.

We shall of course be dancing Argentine tango, eating pizza and steak, drinking Malbec, attending milongas, and describing day-to-day living in this fascinating city. Be ready to follow the blog, and to top up with visits to our Facebook group page 'San Telmo with a Twist'. We would of course be delighted if you choose to join that group.

For those who may be tempted to visit Buenos Aires, click right to follow this blog. That way you will receive a brief email notification for each new blog entry. And let me know if there is a particular topic on which you would welcome a blog - after all, you are the reader!