Sunday, 11 December 2016

Touchdown and transfer

Some might say that a blog about leaving a plane and getting to one's destination is a bit like watching paint dry. But others have asked specifically for this, to help them handle the transfer seamlessly. So, I will keep it short.

Ezeiza presents as a typical international airport. Head straight for immigration and take the left, busy snaking queue for non-nationals. Tip - chat to fellow passengers in the queue, they readily share plans, ideas and inspiration about their personal journeys, and the time goes more quickly.

Travelling the direct flight from Heathrow with British Airways means that the likelihood of missing baggage is small. Consecutively loaded cases always end up at different places, so relax during this rather stressful wait. With luggage collected and nothing to declare, the rest is a breeze. Head through the first doors into a waiting hall, turn left and approach the Manuel Tienda Leon coach desk to book the next part of your journey. 

It is quite possible to book a remise (bespoke taxi) or simply seek a black and yellow taxi outside the terminal building, but I propose the fast coach transfer to Manuel Tienda Leon hub in Retiro, where you will transfer to one of their taxis for the last leg to your hotel, getting you safely to the city without having to negotiate prices. The inward journey costs 280 pesos, meaning that for up to three travellers this is an economic option. It also gives you your first chance to see the city from an elevated position on the coach as you enter via the motorway. Present details of your destination address, and pay by cash or credit card. Tip - have a pre-printed slip with your destination address to save confusion.

Disembark the coach at the hub, retrieving your cases against the ticket issued at Ezeiza. You, together with other local travellers will be called for the next taxi stage, the taxi touring two or three hotel drop-off points, eventually delivering you to yours. If the driver helps you with your cases it is normal to tip up to 10 pesos.

And so, you have did we on Friday. 

The next blog will tell of our arrival at Casa Luna, Monserrat, our induction as house managers, and our first milonga.